James Ketchell: Travel tips for your Net+ adventure

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Over the past year James Ketchell cycled over 18,000 miles, around the world, with his Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®. This was the final adventure of his NETELLER sponsored ‘super triathlon’, which included James single-handedly rowing the Atlantic Ocean and climbing to the summit of Mount Everest.

We caught up with James when he was back in the UK and asked him what tips you should keep in mind for your own Net+ adventure.

Adventure advice from James

Here are a few tips to get your Net+ adventure started…

Taking the first steps and embarking on your own adventure

Often, the hardest part of any adventure is setting off. The uncertainty of what’s going to happen while you’re out there is a concern and most human beings are not programmed to deal with uncertainty well. Other factors may also influence you, such as: other people’s opinions, financial stress, or worries about loved ones. All of these concerns can be managed though. After you have taken the first steps and committed to your adventure, things will get easier and become more fun.

James Ketchell: Down Under with Net+

Take lots of photos and capture your experiences

One thing I often regret is not capturing my adventures on film. Often I think it’s too much effort to stop, get the camera out and press record. When you get back from your adventure you will really regret not making the effort to capture things, so keep that in mind as you travel.

Don’t underestimate the weather

The weather is important and can really affect your trip. If your expedition is going to be human powered (like my world cycle), the wind speed and temperature will be a very important factor.
For example, in North America the prevailing winds generally blow from west to east for most of the year. So, riding from east to west would certainly be a lot harder than west to east. Not knowing basic things like this can really catch you out if you’re trying to follow a timed schedule.

Enjoy what you’re doing

You may have some tough days and things may not go to plan on your trip, but this is what makes adventures fun and exciting! I remember thinking: “I wish this was over” when I was having some tough days on Everest and while I was cycling around the world. However, when it was over and I looked back, I would always find that it’s never quite as bad as I thought it was and sometimes I even wish I was back in those very challenging situations!

Good luck on your own Net+ adventures!

Out for now,
Captain Ketch

get a Net+ cardNETELLER

Take a Net+ card

Here are just a few of the ways that a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard helped James out on his travels.

James’ Net+ card allowed him to make and stick to a budget without overspending. The Net+ card is a prepaid card, so he could only use what he put on to the card, and it was a great way for James to manage his daily spend allowance.

When entering a town called Nagaur, James’ bicycle was hit by a passing vehicle and he had to pay for repairs. James didn’t need to worry though, because he had a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard which is accepted at millions of MasterCard point-of-sale locations worldwide.

Net+ can be used for instant ATM cash withdrawals and at any point-of-sale terminal where MasterCard is accepted, meaning that whether you need to buy a new tire for your bike, book a room for the night, or a grab quick sandwich to refuel, Net+ is there for you, no matter what route you take.

Get a Net+ card now!

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ゴールデンウィーク プロモーションで 77,700 円が当たるチャンス

もうすぐゴールデンウィーク! 日本にお住まいの会員限定のプロモーションについてお知らせいたします。

ゴールデンウィークはどのようなご予定ですか? 海外で楽しい休暇を過ごされる予定ですか? それとも、仕事を休んで、ご家族やご友人と自宅で過ごされる予定ですか?

だんだんワクワクしてきました。最大 11 連休の休暇が待ち遠しいですね。

どのような予定を立てていても、Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® を支払いにご利用いただくと、77,700 円が当たるゴールデンウィーク プロモーションの抽選に応募できます。

旅行のチケットやホテル、お食事、ご友人やご家族へのお土産の支払いに Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® をご利用いただけます。 4 月 8 日から 5 月 6 日までの期間中に Net+ プラスチック カードまたはバーチャル カードを支払いや ATM からの引き出しに利用するたびに、77,700 円の特賞が当たる抽選へのエントリーを 1 つ獲得できます。

幸運な当選者はあなたかもしれません。 楽しく充実したゴールデンウィークになるよう願っております。

Net+ カードをまだお持ちでない方は、 5 月 6 日までの期間中にサインインして Net+ カードをお申し込みいただくと、特賞が当たる抽選へのエントリーをもう 1 つ獲得できます。

詳細は、ゴールデンウィーク プロモーションの規定をご覧ください。

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Win ¥ 77700 in our Golden Week Promotion

Happy Golden Week! We’re delighted to announce an exclusive promotion for our Japan members.

What are your plans for Golden Week? Are you flying to another country for a fun vacation? Or, are you spending the time off work with family and friends at home?

The excitement is building and we cannot wait for up to 11 days of vacation.

Whatever you decide to do, use your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® to pay and you could win ¥ 77700 in our Golden Week Promotion.

You can use your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® to pay for anything, travel tickets, hotels, meals, even gifts for friends or family. Every time you use your Net+ plastic or virtual card between 8 April and 6 May on a purchase or ATM withdrawal you’ll receive an entry to win the ¥ 77700 grand prize.

You could be the lucky winner. We wish you a happy, lucky and prosperous Golden Week.

Don’t have a Net+ card yet? Sign in and apply for a Net+ card between now and 6 May and you’ll receive an entry to win the grand prize.

See the Golden Week Promotion Rules for more information.

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NETELLER Sponsorships: Zoe Gillings and James Ketchell

We’re proud to sponsor Britain’s no 1 Olympic Snowboard Cross athlete Zoe Gillings. She famously had a photo finish at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and crashed out at the end, narrowly missing the finals.

Speaking about the high number of crashes that occurred during the Boarder X events at Sochi, the NETELLER sponsored snowboarder said: “Do you have to be fearless? Pretty much. If you haven’t got a lot of courage, you won’t get far. There are often crashes… but you have to deal with it and just concentrate.”

Well said, Zoe! We wish you a lot of luck and admire your courage and determination.

NETELLER also proudly sponsors adventure athlete James Ketchell, and it has been almost a month since he completed his 18,000 mile unsupported world cycle with just a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® for travel money.

The achievement made James the first person ever to have rowed the Atlantic Ocean, climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and cycled around the world, a feat which has been dubbed a ‘super triathlon’.

James shared some tips for anyone considering their own Net+ adventure. He said that planning and preparation are key. You’ll need to consider how you will fund the trip, what equipment and technology you might need, plan a good route and also keep your fitness levels in mind if your expedition will involve the kind of athletic challenges that James tends to face.

He also said that optimism is important: “You may be having tough days and things will not always go to plan. But that is the reality of going on adventures and in some ways that’s what makes them fun and challenging.”

James took a Net+ card with him on his 18,000 mile world cycle. Available in 8 currencies, the Net+ card has won multiple awards. You can use a Net+ card to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases both in person and online everywhere that MasterCard is accepted worldwide.

Ready for your own adventure? Get a Net+ card now!

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Innovative Affiliate Partnership: Referback

NETELLER recently won the IGB Affiliate Award for Best Payment System for Affiliates and we’re not the only one’s picking up trophies! Referback won the coveted IGB Affiliate Award for Best Affiliate Program (Casino).

As a Joint Affiliate Program partner with NETELLER, we got the inside scoop from Genine Stoltenkamp, Head of Referback about why their affiliate program won this prestigious award and what innovations they are making to keep ahead of the curve in 2014.

Lee-Ann: The IGB Affiliate Judges said Referback was chosen as casino program winner because you are always willing to go the extra mile for your affiliates and provided a versatile system. Can you tell us about the innovations you have implemented that help your affiliates earn and continue to convert customers to your sites?

We’re really excited to have won this award. Our casinos offer localised sites, software in over 20 languages, 24hr localised customer and VIP player support, great retention promotions (including daily, weekly, mid-week and monthly offers) as well as a new look and feel casino lobby. Our brands were among the first to become mobile optimized and we’ve been growing that side of our business at a staggering pace. Over 50% of our new business is coming from mobile and tablet players, and we only see it taking more prominence in the future. We’ve worked extremely hard on our mobile conversion rates, and I’m proud to say we are among the very best in the industry. Personal contact is definitely a driving force behind Referback and I really believe this is a differentiator between us and some of our competitors. We are always travelling to see affiliates face-to-face, in order to build lasting relationships. We were also the first casino affiliate program to go to the market with an affiliate reporting app available on Android and IOS.

Lee-Ann: What drives your affiliate program and how do you see the future of affiliate marketing? Also, how are you adjusting your program to accommodate these changes?

Genine: Affiliate management is a people business. We have a strong team of experienced affiliate managers who are recognised in the industry. This is a fundamental driving force in how we operate. Due to constant change in the SEO landscape, gaming affiliates need to focus more on niche markets to compensate for lower traffic volumes and increased competition. We are aggressively searching for existing affiliates starting out on new ventures. Affiliates are always changing their marketing strategies in anticipation of future market trends. We try to be just as proactive in identifying new niche markets where we can mine for strong new traffic sources outside of traditional casino portals. As a result, even in this competitive environment, business is growing and our player numbers are increasing!

Lee-Ann: Why have you partnered with NETELLER to offer your affiliates two income streams in the Joint Affiliate Program?

Genine: NETELLER is a trusted deposit method in our industry, has a high degree of penetration into high-reach markets where conventional deposit methods are not available, and is trusted by the affiliate community. By partnering with NETELLER we offer our affiliates extra ability to maximise their revenue by monetising their players in these regions, which is really powerful for increasing revenue for us and for our affiliate partners – when combined with our industry leading conversion rates and CRM.

Lee-Ann: What can affiliates joining your program expect to get from their partnership with you?

Genine: We are a trusted program with a solid reputation as we’ve been operating since 1999 with hands-on dedicated affiliate managers to help you get started with learned advice. All new affiliates will receive a sign-up commission offer between 40% and 60% in the first 3 months as well as attractive welcome offers for new players, not to mention the second Joint Affiliate income we provide in conjunction with NETELLER on affiliates’ referred players’ deposits. Affiliates can expect fast on-time payments (We use NETELLER for this service too), as well as high converting and trusted casino brands. Our 500+ casino games and video slots are powered by Microgaming’s world leading technology, offering the highest in stability and fair play. We are also one of the few remaining programs to offer affiliates no brand bundling, no negative carry over and native language support. When combined with our excellent retention teams Referback, ensures our affiliates enjoy the highest possible financial return on their players.

If you’re not already working with Referback, we think that you should consider partnering with them and maximise your earnings with our Joint Affiliate Program. Their work and innovation in the marketplace has led to award-winning recognition as affiliate industry leaders in the casino vertical and the NETELLER Affiliate Program is proud to be a joint affiliate partner with them.

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