Lee-Ann Johnstone, Head of Affiliate & Merchant Marketing at Optimal Payments Limited submitted this interesting Q&A about: How affiliates can maximise lateral earning opportunities in a highly competitive market.

Every year the number of affiliates who are competing with each other increases and that makes it difficult for them to scale up their business model by creating several new websites. How can clever affiliates tackle that issue without impacting valuable resources?

iGaming affiliates don’t just earn commission when they introduce new players to an iGaming site; they earn for the whole lifetime that a player transacts. Savvy affiliates who want to scale up business revenue don’t just look at new markets or new sites, they try to maximise their earnings by finding lateral revenue opportunities to increase their earnings. An example of this is advertising deposit options such as eWallets or prepaid credit cards to customers that make the most sense to use in a particular region – where traditional purchasing options may not be accessible. The benefits of promoting compatible programs on their sites means they can double the potential earnings generated from an individual player which is already converting from their site.

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