You could win up to 2,500 USD, with our Discover the Dollar promotion.

Use the money however you like: a special holiday celebration, a visit to support Zoe Gillings, Britain’s No. 1 Olympic Snowboard athlete in Sochi, or a chance to go all in! Every day the winnings aren’t claimed, another 500 USD gets added to the pot for the next day. There will be 2,500 USD up for grabs in total.

To be eligible, you must have a balance in your account greater than zero, check your account now!

How it works:

1. Every day at noon MSK, between 16 – 20 December, 1 USD will be deposited randomly into a Russian member’s eligible account

2. Check the History page of your account each afternoon, and if you find a deposit of 1 USD (or equivalent), email before 6 pm MSK the same day. When we verify that we have the right member, we’ll deposit 500 USD into your account.

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