If you’ve been visiting our blog, you’ll know that we’re incredibly proud to sponsor: James Ketchell and Zoe Gillings!

James Ketchell – is famous for climbing Mount Everest and single-handedly rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. We’re sponsoring his latest adventure which is an 18,000 mile cycle around the globe with just a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® for travel money!

You can read about James’ latest adventure right here! Take a look at this blog: James reaches the USA!

Zoe Gillings – is ‘Britain’s No. 1 Olympic Snowboard athlete’ and she is gearing up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Zoe loves using her Net+ card for life’s little luxuries. If you want to learn how to snowboard, check out or latest blog featuring Zoe’s snowboarding tips!

Ready for your own adventure? Get a Net+ card now!

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