NETELLER is delighted to sponsor Zoe Gillings, Britain’s No. 1 Olympic Snowboard athlete. We talked with her recently and asked if she had any advice for a first-time snowboarder.

“Learning any new sport is more fun with others,” Zoe told us, “Falling over together has an odd way of bringing people together! If none of your friends want to learn, then take a lesson with a group. You could even end up with some new friends that way!”

She also told us not to worry if it takes a while to get the hang of it: “It takes most people 2 – 4 days to get the hang of snowboarding,” Zoe said: “…unlike skiing which is closer to 1 – 2 days. Once you get over those first few days, though, you can progress quickly”.

Not all of us have access to snowy mountains so we asked how we could get around that. After all, Zoe herself is from the Isle of Man, which has absolutely no natural ski slopes. ”If you live in the UK, try it out at one of the snow domes,” Zoe said, “There are a few around the country and it’s a good way to get your snow feet before heading out to the big mountains”. Snow domes around the UK such as Chill Factore in Manchester, Snozone in Castleford and Snowdome in Tamworth all accept our Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® to pay for sessions.

Zoe just had one last word of advice for people who are new to snowboarding: “Keep your knees bent,” she said: “it makes you more balanced by lowering your center of gravity, and if you do fall over it’s not as far to the ground!”

“The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are coming soon! Zoe will be there, using a Net+ card and her NETELLER eWallet to pay for her training essentials. We’ll be following her progress as she prepares to go for gold. Check back soon to find out more!

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