NETELLER sponsors James Ketchell

NETELLER is sponsoring James Ketchell, an intrepid adventure-athlete. He climbed Everest, single-handedly rowed the Atlantic and now he’s pushing himself to the limit on a NETELLER sponsored world cycle trip.

When James reached India he sent us this great photo which was taken in Agra outside the Taj Mahal. He also told us that his bicycle stands out on India’s flat roads: “I do look out of place as I’m flying down the roads on a bike, overtaking mopeds and tractors.”

When James reached Rajasthan disaster struck. On a remote road, having cycled over 150 miles, he decided to stop in a secluded spot for the night. Having eaten and settled down for the night, he was woken up by two men at about 10.30pm. They had long batten-like sticks and torches and became aggressive when James was unable to communicate with them in Hindi.

In an effort to escape, he left behind his bed roll and rode away at top speed. Luckily, he found a gas station and the man behind the counter spoke English. This man invited James to sleep on a bunk in his garden, even providing rice and dhal for James to eat. The kindness was deeply appreciated after James’ long day.

The next day, when entering a town called Nagaur, James’ bike was hit by a passing vehicle. His bike needed serious repairs, causing a delay in his jam-packed schedule, so James used his Net+ card to arrange travel and he carried on to Sri Lanka where his fortune has improved and his adventure continues…

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