In this blog we interviewed a long-term NETELLER Affiliate, Gambling Affiliation. Gambling Affiliation is a leading European iGaming affiliate network, dedicated exclusively to the Gaming industry. With more than 7 years in the iGaming market, 20 team members, and 300 brand campaigns, Gambling Affiliation is a trusted third party between operators and affiliates.

1. What should affiliates know about Gambling Affiliation?

Our knowledge of the iGaming affiliate industry ensures the best advice for affiliate strategy. Our wide range of deals, campaigns and services give affiliates all they need to be successful in this industry. Affiliates can promote various brands and deals, and receive one payment for all the commission generated with them. As a merchant of NETELLER, we use the service to pay out our affiliates.

With our help, affiliates can increase their income. We have put together all our knowledge, experience and resources to help our affiliates maximise the revenue from their websites. Moreover, there is no need to be an expert or even to have a website with online gambling or sport related content. With Gambling Affiliation, everyone can become an affiliate and promote the best brands and deals. We highly recommend using NETELLER’s eWallet to receive your affiliate commissions from the multiple programs you participate in, and for fast and secure access to your earnings!

2. What types of offers to you have?

Over the years we have established good cooperation with our partners, including NETELLER, which allows us to negotiate private deals at exclusive rates for the top performing affiliates on our network. We have been working for years with the leaders in the industry, and our goal as a company is to secure the profitable partnerships with both sides.

3. What prompted you to join NETELLER’s Affiliate Program and why is it important to your business?

Gambling Affiliation offers various payment options to affiliates. Of these, NETELLER is one of the most secure and fastest payment solutions available, operating in hundreds of countries worldwide. Operating with NETELLER is easy and a great advantage for a company like ours, processing hundreds of affiliate payments every month. When joining our platform, affiliates can open a NETELLER account straight away, and offer this payment option to their players to increase customer conversions at various operator sites, while earning two commissions on every player they convert.

4. If you could select 5 “keys to being a successful affiliate” what would they be and why?

  1. Establishing a trustworthy relationship with affiliates and the brands you promote to your customers.
  2. Try to think as an affiliate and as a player, and always make sure you provide the information that you would have wanted to see or need.
  3. Constantly work on improving your websites content, SEO and design to ensure increasing numbers of visitors.
  4. Set up your goals high, work hard and play fair.
  5. It pays to partner with people you can trust, like NETELLER!
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