ThePOGGDuring the hugely successful 2013 London Affiliate Conference, NETELLER had the chance to meet with ThePOGG, who was recently short-listed for the “Best Casino Affiliate” iGB Affiliate Award. Together we discussed why ThePOGG, and its team of Casino reviewers, continues to choose NETELLER as their favourite payment method.

Keep reading to find out why this hugely popular Casino site uses NETELLER for their Casino operations.

Why is the POGG promoting NETELLER?

Running a site that focuses on objective and honest reviews, rather than just claiming to, I set about setting up a set of standards by which to judge a casino’s performance.

We use a team of anonymous reviewers. That was one of the first conscious decisions I made. The reason being: I didn’t want to have the casinos we were reviewing giving me preferential treatment, ensuring quick replies to my questions and speeding up the withdrawal process. As my name is well known in these circles, it simply would not be possible for me to review a casino objectively and guarantee that this wouldn’t happen as well for my members. As such, I approached a small group of regular players who I’ve known for many years, and who I trust to give honest reflections on their experiences with new venues.

That wasn’t enough though. Allowing different reviewers to do different things would have made it impossible to create any reliable standard by which to assess a casino’s performance. A long conversation ensued regarding the standards that everyone needed to hold to, and what our judgements should be made on. Now, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of how the standard for each criterion was put together, but I will discuss the relevant one today – testing deposit and withdrawal speeds.

During our discussion of what payment method should be used to test the various venues the reviewers were to play at, I asked the question regarding the reviewing team’s favourite payment method and the answer was unanimous – NETELLER.

This was music to my ears. NETELLER would have been my first choice for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment, but first I’d like to talk about why it was my reviewers’ first choice. Speed and convenience. As I mentioned, each of the team that reviews for me is a player, and they all play regularly online. All of the current team use NETELLER and have done so for a varying number of years. The general response, when asked, was that when the team wanted to play at a lot of different venues (ex. cherry picking the best promotions to take part in as a player), having a centralised account, that is near universally usable, makes for a very convenient service. And, payout times are generally substantially lower when funds get paid to NETELLER, compared with returning funds to bank accounts, cards or cheques. The choice seems obvious. The other point to note is that NETELLER gives all members a free NET+ MasterCard card which is linked to your ewallet account, and can be used at 1000’s of point of sale merchants around the world, or simply to withdraw cash when you are out and about at an ATM.

For myself, I like NETELLER as a payment method for security reasons. My top priority is always the safety of my players, and for me, NETELLER provides an extra layer of security that other payment methods simply can’t.

Regulation within the online gambling industry is improving, and hopefully one day will reach appropriate standards. But right now many of the licensing authorities that purport to regulate online casinos are little more than regulators in name. They exist on small island jurisdictions that make substantial proportions of their GDP from online gaming. As such, they have no incentive to come down particularly hard on any venue and risk chasing away a substantial tax stream. This being the case, the regulatory structures that online casinos need to meet in most cases are neither particularly strong nor well enforced, yet these same companies would encourage you to give them your bank or card details.

NETELLER, on the other hand, are regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority (FSA). This is the same body that is responsible for regulating the banking and insurance sectors. This means that NETELLER has to meet far more stringent regulatory standards than any online casino. Alongside this, when using NETELLER you only have to give one group your bank/card details. After your NETELLER account is set up and funded, the various casinos you play with will only need your NETELLER details. This route means that far fewer companies (and hence people) have access to your sensitive financial information, and the one company that does is the most stringently regulated.

Between speed, convenience and security, whichever way you look at it, NETELLER is the common sense option to use when playing at casinos online. ThePOGG is your one-stop shop for the latest and best Casino promotions, reviews on recommended and top rated casinos and up-to-date news affecting your Casino business.

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