Holiday shopping is NOT easy. Trust me, I know. Two weeks into November and I can already admit to visiting four different shopping complexes at least twice each. Despite this, I have gained zero momentum on my Christmas shopping; nothing has been accomplished.

With a busy season ahead and already being fed up with shopping wars at the mall, I needed to find an alternative.

Make it easy by shopping with Net+ virtual

So what’s going to help avoid the holiday shopping woes? We have the answer, and it’s found in your NETELLER Account – the new Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®.

Use your Net+ virtual card to shop online, anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. Making purchases with your Net+ virtual card ensures that you are shopping the safest and most secure way possible online – with one-time-use card numbers.

What’s even better is that you leave no receipt or track-record of what you’ve been buying, allowing you to leave the holiday gifts a real surprise!

And the best for last – keeping in budget. As you probably already know, I love to go to Vegas. To help save for my trips I create a budget, and by using my NETELLER Account and Net+ virtual card I can’t spend more than what I’ve budgeted for! This means a debt-free holiday season!

Why I’ll skip the mall this season 

It’s pretty obvious why I’ll skip the mall – the excessive people, the lack of available parking, the long queues and the very difficult time finding what I need are all reasons as to why I’m resorting to my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate this year.

Plus, did you notice that all of the best deals are available online? Not only am I finding great sales, but many of my favourite retailers are sending me additional emails with coupons. And the best part – no need to go pick it up – most sites offer some form of free shipping!

So go ahead, shop securely and safely this season with your Net+ virtual card. Oh, and if you decide to venture into the shopping centre don’t leave your physical Net+ prepaid card at home!

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